Meet the Exceptional Minds Behind Lezara Group

Introducing the brilliant minds that power Lezara Group. Each leader brings a unique blend of talent, passion, and expertise to the table. Together, we are united by a shared commitment to delivering excellence in everything we do. Get to know the faces behind our success, as we work hand in hand to achieve greatness and exceed your expectations.


Executive Director

Michelle Petty is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a proven track record of success in executive support, business partnership, and entrepreneurial ventures. With extensive experience in the energy industry and a strong background in energy and sustainability, Michelle brings a unique blend of strategic thinking, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial mindset to her roles. She is recognized for her exceptional organizational abilities, ability to drive transformational changes, and dedication to achieving excellence in all endeavors. Michelle is an exceptional executive with a versatile skill set, entrepreneurial mindset, and commitment to sustainable business practices. Her ability to drive transformative changes, and foster innovation positions her as a trusted leader capable of achieving remarkable outcomes in complex and dynamic environments. Michelle's collaborative approach and creative thinking have been instrumental in co-leading integrated concepts and diverse topics, aligning with the overall business objectives.

Michelle has actively engaged in start-up and entrepreneurial initiatives, showcasing her passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. Her experience as a start-up mentor, co-founder of a charity initiative, and advisor to early-stage ventures highlight her entrepreneurial mindset and ability to provide strategic guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs. Michelle's commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem is evident through her community engagement and educational initiatives.

Michelle holds an MBA in Energy and Sustainability, further enhancing her expertise in the energy industry and sustainability practices. Her ability to navigate complex projects, manage teams, and deliver exceptional results has been evident throughout her career.

Known for her strong leadership, strategic thinking, and dedication to excellence, Michelle Petty is a valuable asset to any organization. Her entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with her industry expertise, positions her to drive innovation, lead transformative initiatives, and make a significant impact in any sector. Michelle's commitment to continuous learning, community engagement, and fostering entrepreneurship underscores her drive to shape a sustainable and thriving future.

Thabit Mohammed Al Riyami is a highly skilled and results-driven professional with extensive experience in cost engineering, project management, and quantity surveying. With a strong background in the petroleum industry and a focus on operations and project management, Thabit has consistently demonstrated exceptional analytical skills, attention to detail, and a commitment to delivering projects within budget and on schedule. He possesses excellent communication and leadership abilities, enabling him to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams and drive successful project outcomes.

In his previous position, Thabit has played a crucial role in developing and implementing efficient processes for cost reporting and payment mapping. Thabit's contributions in estimates, project budgets, and projections have supported effective project delivery, while his meticulous tracking and reconciliation of project budgets, commitments, and expenditures have facilitated better financial control and forecasting. Thabit's ability to effectively analyze costs, track performance, and provide accurate reports has been instrumental in driving successful project outcomes.

Throughout his career, Thabit has excelled in quantity surveying and cost control, managing contracts, and developing and maintaining systems for tracking operating costs and budget performance.

Thabit holds an MBA in Operations and Project Management from UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, further enhancing his skills and knowledge in these areas. Thabit Mohammed Al Riyami is a dedicated professional with a strong track record of delivering successful projects, optimizing costs, and driving operational excellence. His expertise in cost engineering, project management, and quantity surveying, combined with his commitment to continuous improvement and cultural appreciation, make him a valuable asset to any organization. Thabit's analytical mindset, leadership skills, and passion for delivering high-quality results position him as a trusted leader in the industry.


Executive Director


Executive Director

Raja Zurin Izwan is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse range of experience spanning multiple industries. With a proven track record of success, he has established himself as a valuable asset in the corporate world.

As an entrepreneur, Raja has founded and co-founded several startup companies, leveraging his strategic vision and business acumen to drive their growth and success. He has a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem, having navigated through the challenges and opportunities that come with launching and scaling businesses.

Raja's experience also extends to corporate roles, where he has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, successfully leading teams and driving business results. His ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and identify emerging trends has contributed to the continued success of the companies he has been a part of.

With a strong focus on innovation and technology, Raja has actively sought out opportunities to harness the power of emerging technologies and integrate them into business strategies. He has a passion for disruptive technologies and has been at the forefront of implementing innovative solutions to drive operational efficiencies and enhance customer experiences.

Beyond his professional achievements, Raja is known for his dedication to personal and professional growth. He continually seeks out learning opportunities and stays abreast of industry trends and best practices. He is a firm believer in the power of collaboration and networking, actively engaging with industry peers and thought leaders to exchange ideas and insights.

Raja's impressive profile and wealth of experience make him a valuable asset in any organization or entrepreneurial venture. His entrepreneurial mindset, combined with his strategic thinking and expertise in emerging technologies, positions him as a forward-thinking leader capable of driving growth and innovation.